Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Virginia's College at Wise

CSC 2300 - Software Engineering:
Led a team in developing a simulated lunar lander control software using QT and C++
CSC 3260 - Introduction to HCI:
Led a team in development and documentation of a prototype Android application that allowed the user to contact non-emergency services in two clicks.
SWE 2130 - Software Construction Technology:
Wrote a python script that computes the length of a supplied file in lines. The source code can be found on github.
CSC 4110 - Advanced Database Systems:
Wrote a set of PHP scripts with a partner that queried a database, and then returned it formatted as an HTML document.
CSC xxxx - Operating Systems
Wrote a shell in C, named Pikushell. The code is avaliable on github
CSC xxxx - Computer Architecture
Implemented numerous things in p86 Assembly, including bubble sort.
CSC xxxx - Computer Graphics
Wrote several 3D demos. These include a planet and moon, and several houses.

Work History


Systems Engineer
June 2012 - April 2015
  • Helped plan and implement a website re-organization project.
  • Created and maintained internal testing web servers.
  • Created a technical demonstration using HTML, CSS, and JQuery to show new proposed website features.
  • Programmed scripts to migrate from HP Trim to Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Designed and implemented Document Processing Solutions.
  • Provided technical support for Kofax products to customers.
  • Provided technical services to install networks, computers, document imaging solutions, and much more.

Sliqua Enterprise Hosting

May 2011- August 2011
  • Developed a PHP script that would check accounts for bandwidth overages, and add an bandwidth overage fee to account's invoice.


Documentation Specialist
May - August 2010
  • Extended and maintained the Technical Architecture Office SharePoint Site; added task tracking functionality and reorganized the site for easier navigation.
  • Helped create and document new business processes
  • created a better practices document and several Quick Reference Guides to supplement and explain the processes.
  • Created meeting minutes for meetings involving the Technical Architecture Team.
December 2009 - January 2010
  • Worked with Army Human Resource Command (AHRC) Technical Architecture office - Helped create SV-2 diagrams to assist with the AHRC DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP).
May - August 2009
  • Documented the AHRC information Systems by helping create a SV-1 diagram with the AHRC technical Architecture Office. Researched available collaboration environments for use in the office.
October - October 2008
  • Used VMware Converter to convert three physical machines running Microsoft Server 2003 to virtual machines in three days, documenting the process along the way.
Software and Graphics Technician
June - August 2008
  • Used Macromedia Flash to update a Web-Based Training(WBT) for the AHRC under the direction of John Marsh. The project was completed on-time and under budget, with great customer satisfaction.

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